Affiliate Marketing Makes Easy

About Me

Hello, I’m Henry Chin, from Malaysia.

I’m just an ordinary person, determined to earn a living online.

For the past 20 years, I worked as sales personnel for high end home audio products. But unfortunately, after all these years, my reserved and financial status was unable to support my living, not even 10 years, if I retire.

So, I create this website for my income source after I retired from my job. I can plan to start a new lifestyle, working online, and aim to achieve my goals.

From some years of online experienced, I chose “affiliate marketing” for my niche, and focus more on beginners. I knew how tough for inexperience beginners to run an affiliate business on the right path and toward success.

I’m using SBI as Web Hosting; very satisfy with the resources provided, to start a brand new affiliate business, with all necessary information, tools and guidance.

Now I can easily handle all necessary tasks to build my website to run the business, and I'm happy with the progressing momentum.

My Website Info

My website comprising few important sections.

  • Affiliate Marketing: include affiliate guides, advice, monetization and other topics.
  • Affiliate Programs Directories, and Affiliate Networks Directories, and Programs Review (up-coming)
  • Affiliate Resources: with various information, pdf e-books, and related sites.
  • Business Opportunities and other related topics.

I hope the information provided here can inspire and helps your online business a little more easily.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Best Wishes

Henry Chin