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When it comes to our affiliates, Affiliate knows no priority. We don’t measure our affiliates on what they can become; we treasure them for what they are.

Regardless if you own a website, you’re a blogger, a frequent forum poster, we treat you all the same, all top affiliates. There are no such words as small or irrelevant when it comes to our prized affiliates, and we strive to assist you in effectively leveraging your traffic.

And yes, we listen closely to you too - when you tell us that your audience craves for particular products, our team will go all out to get in the best offers for you!

Affiliates for Affiliate Bot

At AffiliateBOT, we strive to provide nothing but the best of affiliate programs to our treasured affiliates, giving you a chance to immerse in the affluent revenue stream.

Indulge in a quality assortment of top merchant offers that have taken the industry by storm, while our team tirelessly seek out top-tier merchants and send our toughest negotiators to bargain the highest payouts to appease your coffers.

  • Excellent, personal service.
  • User friendly system. Easy to set up and monitor with real time reports.
  • Parasite-Free: conversion rates generally higher by 20-30% compared to other networks.
  • Special promos (second sale bonus, membership upgrades, data feeds, and freebies).
  • Timely payments.

Commission Payout

  • Payout date: 15th of every month
  • Transaction payable: Usually 30 days after transaction (merchant-dependent)
  • Minimum payout: USD$50.00
  • Payment methods: Paypal, US check, local check, wire transfer.

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