Affiliate Marketing Makes Easy

How Affiliate Marketing Make Money for You

How affiliate marketing make money for you? A simple and recognized solution is to implement monetization models, and diversifying target traffic through your website; to merchant, to your own online store, click your Ads or other models.

It’s your goal, every effort counts to achieve, and make money with affiliate marketing.

Monetization Models

How many models you can utilize affiliate marketing make money for you? At least 10 options if you wish, but of course there are certain limit and conditions, which depend on your niche, type of business you involve, your personal knowledge, capability, and inclination.

Two Common Models

1. Affiliate Programs

Promoting affiliate program is the most recognized option to monetize, in fact it’s almost a must and effective way which affiliate marketing make money.

You have to make two important steps, first is to evaluate and choose the right affiliate programs for your niche, and then you will monetize with correct and efficient methods.

2. Advertising Display

This is similar to rent spaces, and let Advertising Networks to place ads on your website and blog.

In the first place, you must have sufficient traffic and then sign up and approved by these networks.

  • Google AdSense    
  • Chitika 
  • Sponsor Sites    

 Optional Platforms for Affiliate Marketing make Money

3. Selling Your Own Digital Product

Have you ever think about create your digital product? Based on your own experience, knowledge and skill, you may consider writing an e-book, or a series of training program, which provide solutions to serve and solve your target customers’ problem and needs.

You can then promote your digital product through your website, blog, email and social media.

4. Membership Site

You may create a special membership mini site, which provide Valuable Insider Information, to earn membership subscriptions fees.

  • To serve as a solution for your target customers.
  • You may earn long term, and ever growing income since your members will increase over time.
  • You may focus on your target group to improve conversion rate.

5. Create Your Online Shop

You may consider creating your own online retail store and link to your website; you may create some presell articles and products review pages, and provide links to diversifying visitors to your retail store.  

There are also many platforms you can choose from, here are few examples:

  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Kindle for eBooks
  • Shopify

Selling Hard Goods

There are endless choices of products to sell online, the crucial step is to choose the right products to fit into your niche, you either create and make your own product (if possible) or outsourcing reliable suppliers.

Remember to prepare and research intensively before you can start create and design your online store to start doing business.

Drop Shipping

If you’re planning to sell hard goods online, but facing problem for handling shipment, customer service, maintaining inventory, stock storage and labor, you may consider drop-shipping:

  • You can concentrate on marketing efforts, and drive traffic to your online shop.
  • You collect payment from your customer, process the order, and then forward the order to your supplier.
  • Your supplier will pack and ship the order, custom with your business name.

6. Referrers Program

This model is similar to affiliate program, basically it’s you to find target customers, and refer to the business owner who provide service or product.

It’s ideal platform for offline business, such as travel business, hard goods seller, services business, investment and etc.

  • You may get paid from different options; pay per sale, pay per lead, or pay per click.
  • At your website, you set up form which indicate the product or service, if customer satisfy with the offer, she will fill in the form and pick the product, it may be a vacation package, a service or particular hard goods. Finally you send back the form to merchant you represent.
  • You will monitor carefully and make sure to receive payment after your referral was succeeded.

More Options

There are more options for affiliate marketing make money, for examples:

  • Search for joint venture opportunity
  • Create your own affiliate program to recruit affiliates.
  • Network Marketing or Multi Level Marketing.
  • Selling your services and skill.
  • And so much more.

You may find one of these models suit your monetization channel.

When to Monetize?

There are no rules for this; however you may follow some basic guidelines and requirement. Before you start monetize with first option, make sure you have:

  • Published 20 to 30 web pages, or at least cover one important topic for your website plans.
  • Your website is receiving a stable stream of traffic with at least 30 to 50 visitors per day.
  • You have built some inbound links and start receiving social signals.

You should consider current situation and plan for long term monetization options, which best suited your niche and business, from time to time.

How to Monetize?

So how do you make money with affiliate marketing for long term and consistent?

  • Never put all your eggs in one basket, try to monetize with various options.
  • You may follow one simple step. Keep on testing and monitoring for different options until you found the perfect match, to maximize your income.
  • You may starting by implement one model, and then observe and monitor the result. It may take weeks or a month to justify the efficiency regarded.
  • And then you’ll move on to the next selected option and repeat the same process.
  • Never over crowded with affiliate links, banners and ads image all over your web pages, it will drive your visitors away!
  • Focusing on text-link for advertisement, it certainly works more efficiently.

So, at this time you’ve understood how affiliate marketing make money for you, in long term and stable manner. You’re building a real business, it takes time to measure and fix the problems, so be patient, slowly and step by step, you’ll reach your goal!

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