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Find Your Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niche

Determine affiliate marketing niche is the first and crucial step to start your internet based affiliate marketing.

It’s the site concept and the center of your website, from this site concept keyword; it will derive all the relevant specific keywords for tier-2 and tier-3 to form your website’s blue print, and finally develop the entire structure of your site.

How to Find Affiliate Marketing Niche

You may select your affiliate marketing niche in many fields, but most important is the passion and love or at least interest that supports the subject that you choose to work on.

Once you’ve determined the affiliate marketing niche, you will have to work for this niche in long period of time, just imagine if you’re not interested in the selected subject, how willing you research and prepare all the information needed to develop your website, which is an long term and consistent task for the long run. 

Ideas for Affiliate Marketing Niche


What is your hobby? How deep and passionate have you involved in this activity? Any special knowledge you’ve developed from this activity, which valuable to others and you're ready to share? It can be a great niche.


What is your current job? From your daily activities, have you developed professional knowledge which can help others to solve their problems? Or being an adviser in a specific field?

Special Skill

What type of knowledge you’ve learned from the past? What experienced from daily activities that inspired you most? Have you possess any special skill which helpful to others?

High Profitable Industries

You may determine your niche by selecting a highly profitable business, such as:

  • Precious metal investment
  • High end jewelry
  • Financial investment
  • Real estate relevant
  • Accounting
  • Mining supplies
  • Medical
  • And others

Best Seller

You may research hot selling products from search engines, or the market place within the affiliate networks, such as Click Bank, which you can sign up despite without active website. By studying the performance of particular category of products which you’re interested, may help you to find the ideal affiliate marketing niche.

You may also try and for the same purpose.

Problem Solving

In present complicated social environment, customers are facing problems and doubts when making decision, especially for consuming and investing. If you possess professional knowledge to provide solutions in these specific field, it would be a great niche to choose, and may develop a profitable affiliate business.

Local Business

If you’re running a local business, it would be a perfect match to determine the niche that you’re involving currently. Your website will be a great synergy, and power to drive your existing business and extend to the next level.

Finding Niches Make Easy

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Broad and Narrow Niche

By looking at the number of word combination which forms the keyword, you can easily judge the broadness of the niche concern.

Basically the broadest niche is the keyword with only one-word, the more words combination for a particular keyword, the narrower and focus will be. You should consider your situation and condition, whether to choose a broad niche.

Broad Niche

Initially you must identify the best niche for your options, and then you will determine how broad you can go and stand out from the competitors. Basically, the broader the niche, the harder you will have to work for, you must prepare to invest more time and efforts in order to win the competition.

If you really want to pick the broader niche, ready to face the challenges, and work it out, your reward is much greater as compare to a narrower niche, because these keywords are highly demand in the market.

Narrow Niche

Generally, a narrower niche is less competition; you may focus on the specific subject, avoid competing with big branded companies, or well established entrepreneurs, and winning the competition to attract target visitors to your website.

If you’re having your own monetization model, or promoting high reward products, now you can sustain with a narrower niche, since the internet is growing rapidly every now and then, meaning that the demand and traffic are growing fast and enough to supply the narrower niche as compared to previous conditions.

Factors for Affiliate Marketing Niche

There is no formula to judge, you have to utilize your personal judgement to select the best and most suitable niche for your business, never the less, and there are conditions that you might consider.

  • Time factor – How much time you’re going to invest for the business in long term and consistently.
  • Knowledge Base – Do you have the relevant knowledge to create and deliver content for that niche? If not, you will have to carry out extensive research for the information concern.
  • Commitment – Have you determine to be succeeded for your affiliate business? Are you ready to work hard in long term, with patient, persistence and willing to adjust the life style currently to develop a broader and profitable niche for your affiliate business?
  • Passion – Without love and passion, your affiliate business will not likely establish to the level you expect.

Niche Tools and Solution

How do your determine the best niche for your business? The most crucial and requisite element is the tool you use to brainstorm the keywords you desire. The tool must be pro enough to provide the value of demand and supply for every keyword you brainstorm.

Unless your web-hosting is providing such effective tools, if not you’ll have to consider out-sourcing to save your time and efforts to get into the business quickly.

If you can’t decide and need more guidance and value definition, you may make use of the following tools.


A site shows you exactly how to:

  • Discover the perfect niche.
  • Find all the content ideas.
  • Learn proven ways to monetize your niche.
  • Become the authority to follow.

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All the above Factors and ideas will guide you, or at least be great references for you to choose a profitable affiliate marketing niche.

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