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Affiliate Resources and Solutions

Affiliate Resources and solutions you can find here, provide necessary information to learn skills and knowledge, to overcome obstacles while building your business, and solve your problems along the way to success.

Affiliate Resources

Below are mostly pdf e-books comprising various topics and information, you might find some of these helpful to improve knowledge base, and progress your business.

Some are Links to related websites.

Starting Stage

At the beginning stage, you need to develop the right concept, and build a strong foundation for your affiliate business.

Affiliate Masters Course e-book - The Affiliate Masters Course shows anyone how to become a high-earning affiliate champion. Yes, anyone - from newbie to those already enjoys success.

A Work-at-Home Mother’s Guide – A course especially dedicated for all stay-at-home moms, on how to successfully building a real business on the internet.

Google Search Quality Rating Guideline – An e-book By Google

Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide – An e-book By Google

Keyword Research Tools - Online keywords density and word count tool

Developing Stage

At this stage, you’ve built several webpages and should focus on building traffic, you should continue to create more content, as to prepare to implement monetization models, when achieve more and more traffic.

Preselling Checklist Summary – A summary of preselling web content elements

WMR (Most Wanted Response) – Determine what your MWR is to get the click.

Designing for Success – Best tips and tricks to make your website look great.

Custom Search Engine – How to add a Google Custom Search Engine to your website.

The Fluid Design Secret – By AJ from – Create your sitemap here        

Google Webmaster Tools

Google provides variety of information and guidelines for webmaster.

Web Directories

Inbound links are essential for search engine ranking algorithm, especially for beginning stage. Here you can find numbers of web directory list to start the process.

The Open Directory 

Strongest Links    

Aviva's Strongest Directory    

Free Classifieds Sites – Craigslist is an established classified advertisements website provides local classifieds and forums for multiple categories.

Sales Spider – Advertising and social network for business connection                 

Classifieds For Free         


Free Advertising Exchange      

Affiliate Resources for Monetization Info

eBay Editor Kit User Guide - Use the eBay Editor Kit to display eBay search results for a specific search query on your own web site (e-book)

Selling on eBay – An introduction on how to sell on eBay (e-book by Dykens)

How to Make Money Online – An e-book by (e-book)

A Beginner’s Guide to Design or Development Business (e-book)            

Drop Shipping Presentation – (e-book by Tyler Batty, Ken Frei, and others)

Email & Auto-Responder Solutions

Fluttermail - Email Marketing for small businesses, provide the fastest and easiest way to send beautiful emails and profit from the results, this affordable alternative, with all of the features you’ll actually need.

Win Big with Email Marketing - Discover how to Win Customers with Email Marketing in 8 simple steps. The Perfect Email Marketing Course for business owners and marketing newbies to help them Generate New Business.

Mini-Course Formular - Mini-course Formula reveals how you can make money online with Mini-course Email Marketing!

Affiliate Business Solutions

SBI - Your Internet Business Solution

SBI is a comprehensive, all in one business building system providing everything you need to success for building your e-business.

No technical knowledge requires, easy and friendly user features, save your valuable time for progressing your business and monetization. Read more…..

Shopify – Create your online shop instantly

Use Shipify platform to manage every aspect of your business - from products to orders to customers, selling online, in retail stores, and on the go.

World Wide Brand – Your Directory for Wholesaler, Supplier and Drop shipper

Worldwide Brands is the product sourcing resource for drop-shippers. They offer light bulk, large volume, instant import buys, liquidators and market research data for every product search.

With all the information and solutions with these affiliate resources, you can take your time to study and well prepare to carry out your campaign.

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