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Avant Link is the most technologically advanced, strictly cost-per-sale affiliate network in the industry, providing network solutions for top online retailers and affiliates.

We bring advanced, cutting edge tools for affiliates and merchants together in an environment that is strictly regulated and free of fraud.

Since 2005 it has quickly become the affiliate marketing network of choice for some of the world’s most recognizable brands.

The focus on technology and private ownership has allowed the network to be ultra-responsive to client needs, ranging from creation of the industry’s most cutting edge and innovative affiliate tools to the AvantMetrics multi-network attribution platform launched in 2011.

Avant Link has also expanded operations into three separate markets, including the US, Canada and Australia. We take immense pride in our ability to rapidly meet client needs and our careful, selective process for choosing merchants and affiliates to work with.

This, combined with our legendary support, guarantees an approach to affiliate marketing that focuses exclusively on productive, longstanding partnerships.

Affiliates for Avant Link

Aggregated monthly payments.

Robust tracking and high-level marketing tools.

Our tools can help you earn more by keeping price, inventory and promotional content up-to-date. Syndicate embedded RSS product feeds or takes advantage of the most sophisticated data feed distribution system available.

Applications are reviewed on a one-to-one basis to insure compliance with the Affiliate Acceptance Criteria listed below. We screen Affiliates thoroughly so please be patient with our application process.
Incomplete or otherwise blank sites will not be accepted.

Each application is reviewed thoroughly. Some of the qualities we look for in new publisher applications include:

  • Affiliate marketers that maintain the integrity of performance marketing.
  • Mobile app developers interested in cps affiliate marketing revenue.
  • Reputable marketing specialists, copywriters & content production teams.
  • Publishers who understand community/traffic first, then site monetization.
  • Website owners who manage social media networks or other online communities.
  • Consumer information websites, portals or directories useful to online shoppers.

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