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ChineseAN is the world's first affiliate network that covers Chinese websites in all parts of the world. We are still the only affiliate network that can truly offer comprehensive coverage over the entire Greater China region.

ChineseAN is operated by Ignite Vision Limited, a company which specializes in internet and performance marketing.

The company was founded in 2007 in Hong Kong. We offer effective marketing solutions to companies, especially those which intend to expand their business to Greater China.

Our team possess outstanding track record in e-commerce and online marketing. Our solid expertise comes from the fact that our management team members had in-depth and hands-on experience in affiliate marketing either as an advertiser or a publisher.

Affiliates for ChineseAN

You can pick the ad to be placed on your website. You know best what will resonate will your audience and achieve the best results.

You have complete control over what will be on your website. You can reject whatever you don't like.

You can make use of graphics and content provided by Advertisers to enrich your website.

The following are the typical ways how commissions are being rewarded:

  • Percentage of sale (CPS)
  • Fixed amount per order or lead (CPL)
  • Fixed amount per each desired action, which is typically a free membership sign-up (CPA)
  • Some Advertisers care about traffic. We can also arrange a pay-per-click (CPC) model.
  • This is similar to what is now popular with search engines. A major advantage with our network is that you will retain the right to decide on what will appear on your website.

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