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Create content is your most frequent job, the main strategy is to publish webpages online, deliver quality content to attract visitors and gain search engine ranking, in order to achieve your strategic goal, and monetize effectively.

Basics for Create Content

For beginner or inexperienced writer, you may need to follow some guidelines to create content to suit internet style that meets both human visitors and search engines requirement, in order to receive traffic and achieve high ranking for search engines.

Internets visitors are rushing with time limitation, the article and content creation for web-pages are totally different from real paper work. Your web pages must meet some essential criteria, in order to get the click.

Scan able - Whether you like it or not, most of the internet surfers are scanning the articles before they’ve found the interest or target topic to read.

Easy to Read – Reading on computer screen is tough for everyone; you should edit the content for comfort reading, and easy searching for information, in this way, your web pages will encourage visitors to stay on.

Specific InformationFocus on a specific topic for each webpage for the selected specific keyword, do not spread out too wide to cause out of topic, thus result in an unappealing content and losing your audience.

Keep it Simple – Design a clean and simple style and navigation system for your website to provide a friendly user and comfortable environment for visitors to surf and engage.

Write to Communicate – Use simple language to create content, make your content concise and easy to understand. Your goal is write to communicate with audiences, with your own voice and unique style.

Process for Creating Content

Everybody has different style and skill for writing, you may use word processor and type into the computer, or you may prefer conventional paper and pen at your own comfort. A typical writing process may include few steps to complete the job.

  • Inventing - After you’ve selected the topic, and researched necessary information, write down all the points, as much as possible, and start creating content for each point, let your imagination work as long as it takes. At this stage you will write down all necessary information for covering the topic.
  • Organizing - Organize all the points for the content to determine the introduction, the first       paragraph, follow by the most important information, the main content, and the final paragraph.
  • Drafting - If you’re using paper and pen for the first 2 steps, you may now input the text into the computer. Start your first draft and create content from the beginning until the end of the article, remember to distribute keywords, images, and ads in proper ratio and placement.
  • Revising - Check your content to make sure you’ve fully covered the topic, adding the necessary and removing any irrelevant information, you should focus on the topic concern for target visitors. Also arrange your affiliate link and other monetization model properly if applicable.
  • Editing - At this stage, you’re almost complete the job, start checking any spelling and grammar mistake, and polishing the content until you satisfy, read through the article and make sure it sounds natural for your visitors.

Leave the article for 24 hours and then continue to edit once more, at this time sure you can find some mistakes that you’ve left over, and make the final edition. After you’ve satisfied with the content, you’re now ready to publish.

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Essential Elements

  • Keyword - Always select suitable and profitable keyword to start creating content, and practice proper keyword density and placement for your content.
  • Headline – Create a strong and compelling headline to attract visitors.
  • Subheading and Bullet - Using subheading and bullets to break up content for more white space, scan ability, and easy to read. 
  • Page Length – Aim to write at least 400 to 500 words, and more if necessary.
  • Image – Use relevant image to enhance impression and experience for visitors. For visual niches, quality images are important for standing out among competitors.
  • Advertisement – Keep your text-to-ad ratio reasonable, do not centering ads in the content copy, keep it aside to the right or left. The crucial point for ads placement are; do not interrupt the main content for visitors to read.
  • Links – Provide outbound links to editorial source for visitors to get more valuable relevant information if applicable. Also arrange internal links to provide easy navigation for visitor to surf your entire website.

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With all these guidelines, I’m sure you can create content that attract visitors to your website, if you’re just starting, please remember, “Practice makes perfect”, by creating more and more content, you may develop your own style and write smoothly.

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