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CTPM - The Proven Formula for Affiliate Marketing

CTPM is the most effective process to build a successful affiliate business; the process is to follow the right procedure, right from the beginning, step by step toward your goal. It's a proven formula for all affiliates, especially beginners.

Follow Content > Traffic > Presell > Monetize, and you won’t go wrong; this powerful and effective formula had produced remarkable results and brought thousands of successful cases, you may see the results and study the cases, follow the foot print to become one of them and join the community.

Building a Valuable Website

Make CTPM your new business mantra; it will help you develop a valuable website.

What is a valuable website? It’s one with equity, which means that it’s Defensible, Sustainable, Diversified, and Strategically Valuable to larger companies.

Defensible Site – One with a good domain, a good brand, traffic from many sources, diversified revenue sources, and measurable assets like email subscribers, an RSS feed, Facebook Page fans, Twitter followers, and so on.

Sustainable Site – One with a niche where consumer interest is not shrinking, it’s growing, and a site with low legal risk. You rank well on at least 2 of the search engines, and get a large portion of your traffic from non-search sources like direct links, RSS subscribers, social media sites, bookmarks and type-ins, which means that it doesn’t require cost-per-click campaign to maintain traffic and income levels.

Diversified Site – One with different types of monetization models, to form stable and ever growing income sources, since the website traffic is growing higher and higher.

Strategically Valuable Site – One that doesn’t reflect negative on the entity who owns it and one that exists in a niche with a mature marketplace.

The CTPM Process


You create content that delights human visitors, answer their queries, solve their problems, provide solutions, and impress search engines to get index and ranking.


With high ranking, your webpage will easily get found by visitors, with valuable information which meets search intent of visitors, you’re attracting more and more traffic to your website.


Your quality content satisfy visitors’ need and want, you’re preselling and warming up your visitors to presold mode.


With these presold visitors, you provide solution (monetization model) and lead; diversify your visitors to monetize with high conversion rate.

It all starts with content, quality content.

If your content fails to impress visitors, you fail to build social alliances, fail to get comments, fail to impress search engines because visitors don’t last long on your site, fail to sell products or get Adsense clicks, and etc.

Your content is the foundation of the whole process, after you’ve passed the content requirement, and then you can move on to traffic, presell, and finally to monetize.

For more information about the CTPM process, and how the actual steps to start, please visit to read more.

If you have determined and committed to build a successful affiliate business, follow the CTPM process to stand out from the crowds, to be successful, enjoy financially freedom, and experience a much better lifestyle.

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