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Digital Product - Create your Own
Monetization Model

Selling own digital product will generate substantially more profit, rather than selling someone else's products. You can create info product base on your professional knowledge, but before that, you must first find the right subject.

How much profits you can make by this monetization model is totally depending on:

  • Your niche.
  • Your traffic.
  • The nature of your product.
  • How hard and effectively you work at it.
  • Effective marketing channel.

The Right Concept

You have to develop a blueprint for the product.

You have to take the time and effort to create a great info product, which your target customer will be far more enthusiastic, and likely to purchase. And then you have to carry out marketing plan that works.

Remember the formula for success: Great Product + Great Marketing.

Essential Steps to Create Digital Product

1. Decide the Best Information

Information is a topic, a subject you’re interested and passionate to create a digital product.

First, you have the Knowledge and expertise for the selected topic, best if you had already established as authority for that niche.

Second, deliver a benefit that's much more than just "better knowledge."  And not merely taking the "easy or passive" option of selling a downloadable version of your published content.

Third, you're creating a paid product that's different in nature to the free content, not merely different in quality, but also different in presentation. It should be your first hand high quality information, and hits the heart of your target customer.

Commercial Value of The Niche

Take a good look of your website, the niche and all the webpages you’ve published, which one would be the most profitable to turn into a digital product? Can you find your “Gold Mine” within these pages and topics?

Every niche has commercial and not-so-commercial sub-niches within it. A part of a niche is commercial because other businesses are making money from it, so can your business!

Rarity - Hard to Find

Why rarity? Because the fundamental laws of economics state that the lower the supply is, the higher the price will be.

If you create a paid info product around a subject which was already well established and saturated in the market, meaning that you’re facing huge competition, you will be facing extreme difficulties to generate sales volume you expect, even if you stick a low price tag on it.

If the information is much harder to find, you'll be in a much stronger position to set your price, and easier to sell.

Value of Product

You should consider the value of the information for your consumer.

If the information shows the user how to make money, how to save money, how to save time, or how to transform their life in a significant way, you have been creating a great subject.

If the information is valuable but not especially transformative to solve a pressing problem or satisfy a pressing desire, there's less value in it.

You have to focus in benefits, the bigger the promise you can make to your customers, the more likely they will buy the product, and the more they are willing to spend.

2. Decide the Best Media Options

You may choose the best possible way to present and deliver that information, and your goal is to maximizing the profits.

  • Your overall revenue depends upon:
  • The number of units sold
  • The profit per unit

Media Options

Your task now is to consider the various media options available to you and select the best fitted. Here are the possibilities.

PDF eBooks

This is the basic starting point, there's nothing complicated about creating an e-book: format the content in your word processor, then use the "Save As PDF" function to produce your e-books.

Kindle e-Book

You can sell through Amazon's Kindle Store; this is a good way of expanding your potential customers and offering alternatives to your customers.

Other eBook Formats

There are many other e-book marketplaces besides Amazon's Kindle Store, each with its own unique audience.

And the best part is that, instead of having to submit your book to them one by one, you can do it in one hit using Smashwords.

Physical Books

They still have their fans. And even if you don't sell that many, having your book available in both formats at Amazon can establish credibility as a serious author, and makes the digital version seem like a bargain in comparison.

The simplest solution is to use Amazon's CreateSpace. Because this is "publishing on demand," the book is only printed when it's sold, meaning you only pay for the production of each book from your profits, rather than up front, which is the case with traditional self-publishing.

Spoken Books

Still sticking with Amazon, here's a solution for having your book turned into a professional spoken-word version and sold through Amazon, Audible and iTunes.

Audio Files

This is an alternative which increasing in demand, there are consumers who like to listen while driving in their cars, doing exercise, or when they're out jogging.

Online Courses and Membership Sites

Remember the difference: Online courses are "fixed modules” in nature, while membership sites offer everything that has been published up to now plus regular new content.

Online courses sell for a one-time fee and can either run continuously, or start on fixed dates that you will be available for intensive hand-holding.

Access to membership sites can be sold for a one-off fee, but payment is usually recurring per month. Obviously, the more that people pay, the more they will expect in higher value of fresh content.

3. Effective Marketing

Implement effective marketing is the crucial step for success; in the first place, you must have traffic and subscribers to monetize.

You may implement paid traffic, a PPC Advertising Campaign to sell your product, but the ROI is the main factor to consider whether it’s worth trying.

Lead Visitors to Right Direction

Once you're monetizing through a digital product of your own, lead visitor one step closer to a product purchase should be your primary aim most of the time. Any other options that you give visitors are just a distraction.

Use the Right Language

You should aware that, most people will not buy your product, no matter how great the product is or how great the offer you make. So you need to target everything you have to say, and towards your ideal and potential customer.

How do you discover who this "ideal customer" is? Hang out on niche forums, social media sites, and the comments section on your own site or on Amazon product pages. What problems do these people have? What frustrates them? What language do they use?

Lead Visitor to The Sales Page

Your crucial step is to execute an effective marketing strategy, step by step to promote your digital product, and get the click. Here is an example:

Free Content > Squeeze Page > Opt-In Content > Sales Page > Paid Content

All your relevant topic and content for the product, from your main webpage to sales page, you’re focus, presell, and lead your target customers to the destination page, and get the sale.

For the sales page, you just need to highlight the benefits you've already covered, list the features in a compelling way, then ask for the purchase.

After evaluating all the factors, you should be able to decide whether to start your project to sell your own digital product.

To make it easier, it can be done with My e-Book Master, which shows you how to make and market eBooks in simple steps.

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