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Find the Ideal Domain Name for Your Website

Domain name is an identification for a registration which defines or represents an authority and ownership within the Internet. It was formed by the rules and procedures of the Domain Name System (DNS).

It serves like an address of your website for surfers to find and visit easily.

You have to register a domain before you can actually build a website, it’s important to create a domain that easy to remember and recognize by your visitors.

Guidelines for Domain Name

Do not rush to register your domain, before that make sure you have worked out your website’s blue print for the entire structure to develop, meaning that you have completed all preliminary preparation and ready to build your website, including confirmed you niche and reserved sufficient specific keywords.

There are some important factors to consider when you determine the best suited domain; the purpose is to create a domain which can get positive impression for both human visitors and search engine spiders.

Concept of Domain

A good domain comprises 2 elements; your niche and your unique selling proposition, or valuable preselling proposition. It should includes your site concept keyword and the nature of business or service you’re offering.

It should be short, easy to spell, easy to remember, unique, creative and focus in one direction.

Preferred ending with .com, if not available, .org or .net is your second choice, which depends on the nature of business. Other than these, it’s not preferable to have a recognized domain, so you should seriously consider sticking with the bottom line; using your creativity to go for the “dot-com”.

Site Concept keyword

It’s good to include all words of site concept keyword in your domain, but it’s not a must, or crucial anymore, you may create a unique name to best fit your website and business.

Since the length is the factor to consider, unless you site concept keyword is short as one word, if it’s 3 or more, it may be too long to include all words, so partly included is still ideal for it.

Go for Short

In theory, a good domain should keep as short as possible, best if you can make it under 10 characters (excluding www and .com). But the reality is; the internet has been developed for more than 20 years, you will find difficulties to grab such short ideal domain.

Your second option is to make it 20 characters and less, this should be easier to include your keyword and business concept or marketing within the domain name.

Without Dash

You should avoid using any dash for domain, since visitors are not likely to apply any dashes when they key in the words in "search box". However, in some cases, dashes application can make your domain easier to read and remember, you should compromise with the situation and make your best decision.

But nevertheless, if you found the ideal domain taken by other webmaster, and you do not want to negotiate and purchase from the owner, you may apply a dash to that name.

But in the first place, make sure that the domain is not an existing website which already established as authority site. If you still insist to go for it, ask your-self; can you win the competition? You’re just a newbie, whereas your rival is established well ahead. 


Please make sure your domain is not offended any registered trade mark and copyrights. You do not want to get into trouble that, after investing years of time and efforts to develop the website, you're facing legal issue.

Domain Registration

Please aware that you may find some of the web hosting provide service package which include a free domain registration.

If not, you will have to purchase and register your domain name through a third party host, such as You will check availability and then register your ideal domain. You will then use it to build website with your web hosting service provider.

Leveraging ten years of experience in the domain business with over two and a half million domain names under management, has built a reputation as a leading provider of global domain name registration, web site design and management services.

With all these guidelines, surely you can create your ideal domain for your website. Do it with correct procedure, step by step to build your unique website.

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