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Email Marketing for Beginner -
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Email marketing is the online marketing efforts to process emailing to target customers, and visitors who subscribes to your website.

It’s an essential marketing to boost your sales, encourage target customers to revisit your website and establish credibility for your website.

The Format of Email

Make a special design for your email format to form your e-zine; it should be unique and identical, which easily recognize by your subscribers.

At the beginning stage, it’s preferable to issue a monthly e-zine, which will not affect your routine jobs to maintain the website development. Too frequent will devalue your e-zine and increase extra job for creating content, once a month is reasonable for you and subscribes.

Subscriber List

When your website developed to certain level, and start receiving traffic with average 50 visitors per day, consider implement email marketing to boost your affiliate business to next level.

Before you can carry out email marketing, you will need a subscription form to encourage visitors subscribe to your website. There are some important factors which affect the successful rate for the sign up form.

  • Benefits – Write a brief description about the benefits for visitors to subscribe to your site in long term.
  • Freebie – An effective encouragement and benefits for visitors to take action and sign up.
  • Invaluable Content – Have you created enough quality content which over deliver valuable information for your target visitors? These certainly will increase the successful rate, since visitors like your site and willing to read more information from you.

The Purpose of Email Marketing

Build Relationship

This is the first and crucial goal to acheive, by frequent contact and proper conducting; you may build good relationship with your target customers, eventually influence and guide them to take actions that you expect.

Product Promotion

An effective channel to promote your service, e-goods, affiliate products and other monetization models, it’s perfect for seasonal promotion. Remember to conduct the call-to-action for your most wanted response.


Deliver valuable information for specific topic for your potential customer interest, and provide link to a preview page for further information to warming up target customers, and then send customer to sales page or merchant’s site.

Promote Your Website

Introduce latest activities of your website and includes link to your latest article, deliver updated information in your niche for further progress, and provide link to other authority article for more tutorial information.

Learn from Subscribers

In your newsletter, ask your subscriber what types of topic and information s/he would like to receive. You can even ask for the opinion and suggestions for your website, with all these feedback and information, you may consider and utilize to improve your website and business effectively.

Gathering Information

If you would launch a new product, you may conducting a special survey, by publishing a intro and a brief information of the product, let your visitors participate the survey, after collecting the feedback, you should be able to improve and decide the suitable time to launch the product.

The survey can apply to others important information collection, to improve your business.

Conducting Series Course

Create a series course or prepare by out-sourcing the product, fully utilize email marketing to sell and conducting the course, which helpful to your target customer, it would be a great income source for your affiliate business.

Mini-Course Formula

Mini-Course Formula reveals how you can Make Money Online with mini-course Email Marketing easily.

Essential Factors

  • Promoting – Do not hard sell any product, especially at the first and beginning issues, you may lose subscribe easily, utilize preselling strategy the same way as web pages, building relationship is the priority. Keep deliver valuable information for few issues and then start providing links for monetization.
  • Analyzing – Check and analyze the open rate, which open and read your e-zine, and the click through rate, which response and click provided links. From the analysis, you may aware the weakness and improve future issue for higher successful rate.
  • Maintaining – Analyze your subscribers list, if it’s too long to manage, you may eliminate the non-active subscribers and focus on the active, to provide specific and better service to improve result.
  • Learn from Webmasters – You may subscribe to websites which interest or relevant to your niche, learn tactics and marketing from other webmasters to improve and inspire your strategy.


When your subscriber list grow to a higher level, for example, 3000 subscribers, you may consider outsourcing email tool to carry out active emailing to increase your business and income

Flutter Mail

Fluttermail is Email Marketing for small businesses. We are the fastest and easiest way to send beautiful emails and profit from the results. Fluttermail introduced this affordable alternative, with all of the features you’ll actually need.

Email Blast Campaign

Our company has contracts with major ISPs, allowing us to be on their email white-list. This ensures that your messages will not get eaten up by anti-spam systems. Each and every month, we send out more than 15 billion emails that end up right in the recipient's inbox and we can do the same for you.

As time goes by, and learned by experienced and lessons, you may discover proper ways to promote your e-zine, gain income sources and progress your affiliate business with email marketing.

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