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How to Evaluate Affiliate Program
& Choose the Best

Evaluate affiliate program and choose the best fitted, is the crucial step to start your monetization plan. With all the selected programs, you can start embed affiliate links into the suitable webpages to diversity traffic.

Evaluate Affiliate Program

It seems that there are so many internet affiliate programs which you can join. It’s crucial to select the right choice for your website, which relevant to your site concept and niche.

For example, you would not likely to promote a health fitness program if your niche is about dog training.

You can follow these basic guidelines to evaluate affiliate program that meet your requirement. 

Types of Affiliate Programs

There are basically two types of affiliate programs you can join.

  1. Affiliate Program.

An affiliate program is the kind that the merchant directly deal, and sign up with affiliates like you. The merchant will provide affiliate links, promotional tools; image, banners, videos, guideline or training tutorial and strategies for you to promote the product(s).

Through your affiliate link, if the sale was done, the merchant pay you the commission.

     2. Affiliate Network.

An affiliate network is the kind of network system, which includes multiple merchants and products for affiliates to promote. After you signed up with particular affiliate network, through the system you can access, select and promote thousands of products.

The affiliate network, serves as a “middle man” between merchants and affiliates, manage and pay commissions to affiliates.

For both programs and networks, you can join as much as you like, there is no limitation and it’s free to sign up. Now let’s start the process.

Steps to Evaluate Affiliate Program

Before you sign up any affiliate program, study and take note of these positive and negative factors, your goal is to select quality and high potential profit programs.

Looking for These Positive Factors

High quality product or service - Easier for you to promote and get sales. 

High commission - Commissions scheme various from 5% to 70%, try to select those with higher commission for same type of products.

Free to join - Must be absolutely free, and no obligation or quota to fill.  

Merchant with professional site - Site with professional look and feel, deliver quality content and most important capable to close the sales for you.

Money back guarantee - This will gain more confidence from customers and increase sales volume.

Two tier commission - You can refer others affiliates to join the program and whenever the particular affiliate gets the sale you also can earn some commission, from the merchant.

Affiliate support - The merchant provide fast and effective respond to support affiliates, with promotional tools, guidance, strategies and also provide accurate account monitoring and status tracking.

Hot and fast selling product.

Long term cookie tracking record - This is essential, if any visitor you’ve ever diversified to merchant through you affiliate link, it doesn’t matter when your visitor made the purchased, even after months, you still get the sale and commission.   

Beware of These Negative Factors

  • Poor quality product and very low demand in market.You will find these products not getting any interest of your potential customers, so don’t waste your valuable time!
  • Difficult and merely little information can be found about the program and website. If the vendor is hesitate to introduce himself and the product, just walk away.
  • Affiliate program which promotes “Get Rich Quick” scheme. Never promote this kind of programs; it will impact your reputation and your business.
  • Poor and slow respond to customers and affiliates. You can hardly get any support and assist from the merchant.
  • The merchant’s website without any anti-spam policy.Watch out for these sites, maybe they’re spamming themselves.
  • The merchant is struggling with financial problems. You don’t want your “hard works” and pending revenue disappears one day.

With all these guidelines and factors, surely you can evaluate affiliate program to choose the best fitted for your website to monetize.

Before you promote any affiliate program, make sure you’ve studied and fully understood the program, and then only decide which group of your target visitors to presell and diversify. In this way, you can increase the conversion rate effectively.

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