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Headline is the prior factor to grab attention of your audiences in their first sight when visit your webpage. It’s important to create a compelling headline for your content to attract visitors to keep reading your articles.

Create content is the most important task for building your website, it’s a long term and routine job, as strategy to achieve your goal. By using headline, subheadings, bullets, numbered lists, your article is well organized, providing more white space, easy scanning and comfort reading for your visitors.


Headline is the first impression and contact when an audience visits your webpage, it’s the most important factor that determine visitor whether or not to invest the next 5 to 10 minutes to keep on reading the article.

If the headline grabs visitor’s attention, and the info fulfill the search intent, your visitor will keep reading the content, and propel towards your most wanted response, i.e. to click your affiliate link, or other targets. 

It’s the best practice to create prominent headline that cause visitor feeling lose and regret if misses the content.

  • A prominence front headline will draw attention, increase chances for visitors to stay on, and read through your content.
  • A compelling headline should tell and answer the search intent for your target visitors. It’s also a promise and benefits provided for them.
  • While creating content, you may write the headline first, this may help to adjust the point of view, and angle of approach for that particular topic you’re covering.
  • A Headline should be the largest in font size and outstanding with clear message for audiences.
  • You should try to create a strong headline by placing the keyword at the front of the sentence, this will form a keyword prominent headline, which attracts both human visitors and search engines.


Subheading plays an important role for leading your audience to scan through your article right to the bottom, and increase chances for audience to stop for reading more detail, when an interested subject was found.

You may break up long paragraphs into focus, concise content by subheadings, and split different points into sub-subheadings. This will increase the scan ability, deliver clear messages and picture for the article and let visitor easy to search information that interest and engaging.

By utilizing proper ratio of subheadings, your article is easy to read, grab attention and keeps audiences reading, and also increases possibility for scanners to turn into readers, and start reading more details for the whole article.

Bullets and Numbering

It’s a good practice to add bullets and numbered list to your content, as to increase scan ability, easy understanding, and draw attention to your article. This should apply whenever applicable, for example, if you write more than three points for a topic, especially for short paragraphs.

In this way, your content will increase “white space” for scan ability and easier for visitors to read.

You may use number list at the beginning to show the sub topics of your content, and grab attention from visitors to read through the content until the end.

A good idea is to create a custom bullet to suit your niche to get more impression.


You can apply divider underneath subheading to provide better effects to out-stand the sentence, separate different thoughts and sub topics for easier reading, in the same time provide more white space and separation.

Divider also provides more space to your article, and looks organized, clean and easier to read and scan.

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By using headline, subheadings, and bullets to create content in proper manner, you may enhance your content to attract traffic, achieving your goal and monetize effectively.

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