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SBI is literally your internet business solution; it’s a comprehensive, all in one integrated business building system, providing everything you need, effectively, and easily to build a successful e-business.

Initially launched in 1997, aiming to help you to build your business with effective and easy ways,this program provides all necessary tools and systems, step by step guidance to ensure the progressing of every stage of your business.

Especially for beginners who doesn’t have much knowledge on HTML, and others web related technical skills, it’s an easy understand and friendly user system, and will save your time on technical issues, to focus on building your e-business.

A Dream Come True

You’re in absolute control of every minute of every hour of the day. There’s no one to tell you what you can do and can’t.

Imagine this ideal lifestyle – “Live anywhere in the world you want, travel as often as you like, and you still make all the money you want.”

If you’ve fantasized about this from time to time, it’s time to make your decision and take action, in order to make this dream come true.

Internet Business Solution

With SBI, you can have EVERYTHING you need to learn and carry out:

  • How to get your website up, running, attracting target visitors, and monetize
  • How to set up a professional-look website quickly and easily
  • How to choose the best niche and brainstorming profitable keywords
  • How to determine the best suited domain name for your website
  • How to create webpages that search engines love and entice your visitors
  • How to monetize your website with multiple platforms - by passive and active models
  • And so much more…

Internet Business Solution - Preliminary

After you signed up, at the beginning stage, you will be provided a 10-Day Action Guide learning course to start your project. From here your will learn how to build a strong foundation for your business.

Day 1 to Day 3 – You will learn how to determine your niche, site concept and theme for your website, brainstorming all necessary keywords to complete the blueprint of your website.

By using the Brainstormer - the keyword research tool, you will determine your seed word, to develop your site concept keyword, Tier-2 and Tier-3 keywords.

The Master Keyword List (MKL) automatically shows the Value Demand, the Real Supply and the resulting Profitability for all brainstormed keywords, for up to 999 keywords.

Brainstormer saves weeks of research, and the MKL saves weeks of evaluation. The keywords and data will turn into a complete blueprint for your website.

  • Day 4 - Investigate & Plan Monetization Options
  • Day 5 - Refine Site Concept & Register Domain Name
  • Day 6 - Build a Site That Gets the Click!
  • Day 7 - Build Free Traffic from a Variety of Sources
  • Day 8 - Develop Relationships
  • Day 9 - Know Your Visitors
  • Day 10 – Monetize

Internet Business Solution - Building Process

By the end of Day-5, after registered your domain, which included in the package, you will start building and publishing webpages at your comfort pace, starting from your Home-Page.

At this stage, the system will provide all kind of tools to build your website and business, including:

Page Manager

Page Manager allows you to manage your site's pages efficiently. You can build your webpages here by either using the:

  • BlockBuilder, or
  • Upload Your Own HTML Page.

The most efficient tool you can utilize here is Analyze it, which checks and analyzes your page content before you publishing online, whether it meets the criteria for search engines spiders and human visitors’ requirement. Suggestions are provided to fix the content if any issues encounter.

Site Builder

Site Builder is everything related to the building of your site.

  • Site Designer
  • Site Navigation
  • Socialize It!
  • Face It!
  • Mobilize It!

 Libraries - You have six libraries to manage.

  • Image Library
  • Tracker Library
  • Link Library
  • Reusable Block Library
  • Form Build It! Library
  • Content 2.0 Library

Business Center

The BusinessCenter provides you with a collection of advanced modules for growing a profitable e-business, such as:

  • MailOut Manager (Newsletters)
  • RSS/Blog It
  • Get Form Data
  • MX It!
  • Infin It!

Traffic Center

The TrafficCenter provides info about how your site is being used.

  • Traffic Stats
  • Search Engine HQ
  • Value Exchange HQ
  • Image Search HQ
  • Local Search HQ
  • Other Search HQ

 Info Center

A collection of links to pages that help you build your sites.

  • SBI! Action Guide
  • SBI! Forums
  • Tips 'n Techniques HQ
  • Monetization HQ
  • Monitor It!
  • Google Unified Study and Report
  • Search It!
  • SiteSell: The Blog
  • Resources HQ
  • SiteSell Professionals HQ

Other Resources

There are numbers of educational e-books available, such as:

  • Make Your Word Sell
  • Make Your Content Presell
  • Make Your Store Sell
  • Make Your Links Work
  • And more….

Internet Business Solution - Monetization

When you reach this stage, you can find all necessary information in the InfoCenter, the “Monetization HQ”, and develop your suitable monetization models to earn revenue.

You can find various platforms to fit into your theme and website, these are valuable information that hardly find elsewhere, meaning you’re assure to find suitable monetization models right from the beginning as planned in Day-4 Action Guide.

Remarkable Results

Do you know that, at present, there are more than 200 million sites online and compete for traffic? And at this extreme competitive environment, SBI members – Hundreds of them significantly achieved the top 0.5% of the overall ranking for all sites. And the rest - the majority of the thousands of them also attain the top 15% in their niche!

With the same system and resources, you can make it too, please come in and check it out yourself and look at these Great Results!

Case Study

There are so many successful cases with SBI, please take a look at these real stories, which happened to real people, how they success, and transform significant improvement for their living by using this internet business solution.

SBI Video Tour

Please click to take a video tour for more information on how to start your e-business.

Knowledge Makes You Success

Have you ever wondered why someone can success while the other can’t, what makes people’s lives difference? It isn’t a native intelligence or talent or dedication, it isn’t that one person wants success and the other doesn’t.

The difference lies in what each person knows and how he or she makes use of that knowledge. Yes, it’s knowledge – useful knowledge, and its application.

With this internet business solution - SBI, you have everything you need for a successful e-business, including all requisite knowledge, information, guidance, forum discussion, and effective tools to help you success.

There is also a great customer service team, if any problem encounter, the 24x7, quick respond support team is willing to help.

How Much is Membership Worth to You?

It’s not easy to justify the dollar value on the service and the information you’ll get as a SBI member, and this internet business solution will provide:

  • Step by step guidance
  • Effective and easy ways to build up your website and business
  • Brainstorming any profitable keyword, with demand and supply values
  • Frequently deliver updated information and latest trend for your business
  • Mobile responsive web templates available
  • Social media gadgets for interactions
  • Plentiful of monetization methods
  • A helpful and friendly members only forum which you can acquire answers and suggestions for your posted query.   

If you’re trying to attain all these information all by yourself, they’ll cause you tons of efforts and times, and maybe a lot of dollars.

As a member, SBI provides everything you need to build up your business for just $29.99 per month, which cost you merely a buck for each day. Or you prefer the most favorite $299 per year, and save $60.88.

With all the advantages, effective and easy ways to build your business please Sign Up Now to start making full use of all the facilities.

Guarantee by SBI

SBI is confident and dare enough to provide a guarantee: should the business building system not measure up to your expectation, you can terminate at any time within 3 months, and receive a refund.

So, with this generous 90-Day Money Back Guarantee, why not Take Action Now and start building your business. It's already assured that you've nothing to lose, as soon as your become a member, you can start learning all useful knowledge to start your project, and join thousands of successful entrepreneurs by using this internet business solution.

P.S. The above features and benefits are just a brief introduction to what’s available, recently, there is an in-house monetization model – Trafeze – which connects and collaborates among All SBI Members – tens of thousands of members – to further monetize your website effectively.       

You can make use of the full listing tools and resources right away after you’ve joined. Without any delay, Order Now to make your dreams come true, since there’re so many works and so little time for our life!

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