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Keyword Research - Begin A Successful
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Keyword research is the beginning and crucial action to build a strong foundation for your affiliate business.

It’s preferable to carry out before building your website, how many profitable keywords you reserve, will determine how successful your affiliate business will be.

Keyword Research and Analysis

Do you know what exactly a Keyword is about? Keyword can be one word, but in most cases, it’s more than one word, some long tail keywords can comprise 5 words or more. To determine whether a specific is profitable or not, it’s all depends on the topic, the demand and supply values for that particular keyword.

A keyword is a phase, a description for topic; it’s also a query and search intent which surfer key into the search box of search engine, and attempts to acquire the desire information needed, the whole phase is the keyword.

Each keyword phase will be the main topic for each web page of your website, you may imagine how important the quantity and quality of your keywords reservation, these are the main sources to develop the size and standard for your website.

So, by understand the search intent of your target visitors, you may create content that fulfill their needs and get the click.

Types of Keywords

There several types of keywords, each have difference function and value, you must first determine you site concept keyword, and then carry on to select other necessary keywords.

Site Concept Keyword – This will be the broadest main subject and the core for your website, it derives into several sub topics, from these sub topics, to further derive into several sub sub-topics, and ultimately construct your website’s blueprint to develop your entire website structure and business. 

Second Tier Keywords - These are topics that become the mini-sites and Navigation-Bars of your website, should be easily found and lead visitor deepen into your site.

Third Tier Keywords – These are sub topics which derive from tier-2 keywords, for you to create specific topics and carry out your monetization plans. From these tier-3 topics, you may continue to create tier-4 topics to cover deeper information, if necessary.

Related Keywords – These are important keywords which relevant to site concept and easily implement monetization models.

Long Tail Keywords – Keywords with combination of 5 words and more, will easily get found and generate traffic for your website, it’s important at the beginning stage to start receiving traffic.

General Keywords – These are mostly competitive, general topic, and broad keywords with one single word or two words, and should always use as secondary keyword to cover a specific topic.

Demand and Supply

Demand is the total number of searches attempted by visitors for a particular keyword.

Supply is the total number of webpages which relevant to that particular keyword, provide and deliver by search engines.

You must always looking for high demand and lower supply keywords, these are less competition and easier to rank higher and get found by visitors.

Before determine your niche and site concept keyword, it’s crucial to consider time devote to building your website and affiliate business, the more time you can spend, the broader niche you can select.

If you can only afford to devote less than 10 hours per week, it’s preferable to choice a narrower site concept keyword to start your affiliate business, since it’s less competition and easier to generate traffic to your website.

How Your Webpages get Found

In most cases, the narrower and specific for particular keyword, the easier to be found, your website traffic may start from the tier-3, least competition keywords, and some long tail keywords from several pages, then follow by some tier-2 keywords and finally to your site concept keyword – your most broadest keyword.

After growing to certain stage, your home page will be the most visited, and important page to generate more and more traffic to your website.

It's worth spending as much time as needed to carry out keyword research effort to determine your site concept keyword.

Most importantly, after determined your site concept keyword, you should select the following keywords which relevant and related to that keyword, in this way, all your keywords will eventually construct a strong and focus theme to form your website, in the long run, you will establish a successful affiliate business

Keyword Research tools

Now you come to the crucial step - how do you obtain these demand and supply values? The solution is the Brainstorming Tool – A special kind of tool which generates these values when you attempt to research and brainstorm any keyword.

And how do you get this specific tool? So, at the foremost, you must select a credible web-hosting that provides these necessary tools and guidance, for you to start building your website and business in the right direction, in other words, you must have reliable resources and back up, in order to accomplish your goal at the soonest pace.

If you already building your website, you may need others keyword research tool to help your to select more profitable keywords to progress your business.

Quite frankly, these free resources are just provide relevant, alternative, variations and trending keywords for you to choose, but not providing the values that requisite. For the best results, you have to consider outsourcing and picking the right tool, such as Wordtracker, to utilize to obtain all values needed.


A free and powerful keywords suggestion tool power by Google, just key in your keywords and getting results of all derivation in category and groups.


Keyword research tool delivers an SEO edge that free tools cannot give. Quite simply, it's the most authoritative keywords tool on the Web.

Keyword Elite

A powerful keyword analysis tool which helps to generate thousands of keywords in seconds!

Bing Keyword tool

All query volumes and keyword suggestions are based on organic search, not on paid search or search advertising data, giving you the most natural ideas and accurate numbers.

With all these powerful Keyword research Tools, you may start your keyword research task right away, after built up the keywords list, you may move on and start your campaign to develop your affiliate business.

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