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At our core, Link Connector is an affiliate marketing network built from the ground up to address and overcome the limitations of today's market and to better empower online merchants and affiliates.

It offers similar benefits as other major networks, however, there are many significant differences between LC and our competition that give our merchants and affiliates a strong advantage.

Today, LinkConnector is recognized as a leading affiliate marketing network and is sought out by Internet Retailer Top 500 merchants, top industry brands and extraordinary affiliates across all segmentation.

LinkConnector is turning heads with our unique approach to affiliate marketing. Some of LC's key philosophical differences, provided below, help explain how many of our exclusive technologies came to fruition.

Affiliates for Link Connector

You Are a Top Priority

Affiliates are equal partners in the Link Connector Network. We have created an Affiliate Relations team to give our affiliates top support and representation. We work closely with our merchants to ensure payouts are fair and competitive. We also enable you to keep an open line of communication with your merchant partners.

LinkConnector has also developed affiliate-centric tools and technologies to provide our affiliates with more ways to generate revenue—and to generate their revenue more quickly and efficiently.

Gain Access to Hundreds of Top Merchant Offers

We boast one of the industry's fastest growing percentages of the Internet Retailer's Top 500 Merchant List. We are proud to offer dozens of Exclusive and Highest Paying Merchant Offers among the biggest industry brands. Check out our Featured Merchant List.

More Choices: Standard Links, Naked Links, and Beyond

The LinkConnector Network offers all the standard benefits you will find in other affiliate networks, including ad serving and tracking, standard linking campaigns, and more. However, LinkConnector provides new and different technologies and approaches to affiliate marketing that are brand new to the industry.

Your Trust is Earned

LinkConnector stands firm with a unique zero-tolerance fraud policy. So, affiliates can rest assured that they are partnering with a high-integrity affiliate network that will protect the best interest of their businesses.

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