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Mobile Strategy for Affiliate Marketing

Mobile strategy is becoming essential for your website, since mobile searches are expanding rapidly, contribute more and more to overall traffic, and the trend is growing and changing fast at the pace you can ever imagine.

Mobile responsive is the latest trend and function for web hosting service; this is to provide the necessary tools for webmasters to build web pages to meet mobile friendliness criteria, and Google also takes this factor as one of the algorithm.

If you’re still running traditional website, you should also take action to adapt the condition, to modify the layout, and make your webpages to suit this latest trend.

Benefits of Mobile Responsive

Mobile Strategy for website is the process to make your website being mobile responsive; the main purpose is to provide a friendly user experience for mobile user who visits your website. And also participate in social media, either passive or actively to engage with your visitors.

You may gain traffic from mobile searches which contribute more and more share for overall traffic. You can benefit and gain credibility from social signals, since majority of mobile users participates in social networks.

You can also improve search engine ranking, since this is an important factor for Google’s ranking algorithms.

Mobile device and Searching Trend

As you know in recent years, mobile technology is developing very fast, the functions of mobile devices are gaining more and complicated for the past decade, especially on smart phone and tablet.

“Mobile Search” is growing rapidly and contributes more and more share of the overall searches of the internet. This is a positive sign since it’s actually an additional force to join in the market, together with traditional desktop and laptop searches, and increase overall demands and opportunities for you to extend your affiliate business to higher level.

The overall searches for desktop and laptop are still increasing steadily, whereas the mobile activities are growing fast simultaneously.

Take the opportunity to apply mobile strategy, and make your webpages to be mobile responsive to gain more traffic and higher ranking.

Usage of Devices

Generally peoples are using different devices for different tasks, because of each device’s features and limitation.

Desktop and laptop

Traditional desktop and laptop computers are built for business and heavy duties, and use for office daily jobs, massive text typing, managing and handling documents.

It’s still the best media to operate online business and activities, such as extensive information research, building your webpages, operate online shop, and other business transactions.

Smart Phone

Due to smaller sizes, Mobile devices are mainly for on the go, light and short tasks, for examples:

  • Read and send SMS.
  • Conducting simple emailing.
  • Playing games.
  • Online shopping.
  • Read or scanning news and information.
  • Social networking activities.
  • Financial transaction.
  • Internet surfing.


The usage of tablet is in-between smart phone and desktop, and likely to be laptop computer.

  • Use by sales personnel to present the products catalog and video demo.
  • Reading e-books.
  • Playing games.
  • Children education.
  • Others online activities which similar to smart phone.

Mobile Strategy for Website

You may fine tune and manage the mobile version for your website, to suit small screen reading, and scanning.

  • Study behavior of majority mobile user to improve user experience.
  • You may implement shorter paragraphs, headline, and total length, compare to normal desktop version.
  • Optimize and reduce video and image size for faster loading speed.
  • Increase text-size for easier reading.

When you make changes for your webpage, try to get the best spot for both desktop and mobile versions, depends on your niche and traffic sources, compromise to get the best solution for the situation.


For more information about website's mobile responsive, please click the image to find out more.

Mobile strategy is now a factor that you should not neglect, try your best to adapt the situation to get better result for your affiliate business.

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