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Preselling Strategy- The Power for successful
Affiliate Marketing

Preselling is the fundamental principle for affiliate marketing to succeed; in fact, it’s the proven strategy that majority of affiliate marketer do not practice.

If you can fully understand and apply preselling strategy from the beginning, surely you’re on the right path to succeed.

What is Preselling

How do successful entrepreneurs doing business in the real world? To simplify the process, it’s all done by building relationship, we all like to do business with people we trust and like.

When come to online business, it’s the same principle that we also have to build relationship with target customers; this is done by preselling strategy.

The concept is to perform the whole process cycle, right from the beginning:

Know Your Stuff

Fully understand your niche and site concept, create your unique selling proposition, starting from your home-page, which clearly shows your visitors what your site is about, what you can offer, and how unique your site is. Identify, confirm, and focus on your strategic goal, with precise angle of approach.

Know Your Product

Before promoting your product, make sure you fully understand the features, pros and cons, benefits for customer, and relevant information for the product. With all necessary information in hand, you can easily over deliver valuable information to presell the product.

For examples, you can write a review for the product, info about how to fully utilize the product to maximize benefits, product’s specification, how this product can solves the problems for your customers, how the product can revitalize her life, and others unique information to entice purchase desire.

Know Your Customer

Identify and focus on your specific group of target customer, study and fully understand search intent of the specific keywords that you use to create content.

Your goal is to building relationship with your visitors by knowing their needs and provide solutions.

Create Quality Content

You will creating quality content that attract target traffic, fulfill your visitors' needs and wants, answer their questions, solve their problems and queries, building up credibility in your niche, warming up your visitors with open-to-buy mode.


Ultimately with these presold and positive mode, you may recommend your target customers by diversify to your merchant through affiliate link with high conversion rate.

Do Not Hard Sell

Never do selling in the first place! It’s the biggest mistake that many affiliate marketers keep on repeating.

Building relationship first, by over deliver valuable information, and then you can send visitors to the product review or sales page which focuses on the benefits rather than features.

Never just copy and summarize any sales pitch from your merchant’s site, or sending visitors directly to merchant without any presell effort, your visitors will resist, eventually will impact your credibility.

Instead, you should propel naturally and slowly, step by step, leading visitor towards your most wanted response, in such the way that your target customers are acting on their own decision, naturally, and willingly.

Preselling Strategy

Landing Page - For each specific keyword, scrutinize and understand search intent, and then identify that group of target customers to select a proper landing page for monetization model concern. It’s important to deliver the right presell information to the right customer, in order to increase conversion rate.

Use text-link with info - When you send target customer to merchant’s site, make sure to have a brief info about the link, let visitors know what’s behind for that or else they will feel disappoint, because all people don't like the feeling of being sold. This is a vital factor that can impacts your credibility.

Images - Avoid using images that look like ads which visitor resist, use image only for purpose to grab attention and gain interest for product concern, your main diversify effort should focus on text-links.

About Product Page - Create an about page for the product you promote, with engaging and emotional, and describe how you benefit from it or how much this product change your lifestyle better than before. Send visitors to this page before send to merchant’s site, in this way, definitely will increase the conversion rate.

Care for visitors - You have to really care about your visitors, with the mindset -“visitors come first”, and then your preselling effort will really work and rewarded with trust and build up credibility and relationship with visitors. In this positive mood, when you recommend product and solution, your visitors will trust you and follow.

Honesty - Provide all necessary information for your product, by telling the truth, you will get the right customer for the product. Your customer will appreciate your honesty and avoid sales return within the guarantee period (if provided).

If customers satisfy and like your product and service, they will recommend to their group of friends, thus your business will grow in snowballing effect.

Preseller Tool

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Now you should have understood how important preselling strategy, and how effective for your affiliate business, you may carry out this strategy to start your campaign and earning revenue right away.

For more information about Preselling Strategy, and how to process effectively, please Visit Here.

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