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Search Engine Strategy - Boost Your Traffic
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Search engine strategy is definitely an essential action for gaining traffic to your website; you should execute at the beginning stage, and practice at all times to aim high position for SERPs.

Search engine strategy is the tactics and efforts to work with search engines, in order to fulfill on-page and off-page criteria for better ranking. Your ultimate goal is to aim top 10 ranking, so that your web page can easily be found and get the click. 

At present, search engines are still the major sources and cover almost 90% of free, targeted traffic you’re receiving, if you fail in this crucial factor, don’t be surprised and depressed that you could merely acquire little traffic, or come to the worst situation – zero traffic.

Essential Factors for Search Engine Strategy

You should know there are several important factors which affect the page ranking position, strive hard and adapt properly in order to fulfill these criteria and factors.

Search Engine Algorithm

To simplify, search engine algorithm is an advance, complicated composition system for measuring ranking for webpages. Besides merely a few in charge personnel, nobody know exactly what is the ingredient consist of. It’s always changing, and evolves from time to time.

But anyhow, we do know the main purpose of search engines – deliver the most precise and relevant webpages, i.e. the search result to visitor who attempts searching over specific keyword.

And then there are some requirement and certain criteria that prove evergreen and work effectively, these are enough for you to measure up and apply search engine strategy to get on the right track.

Crucial Elements for Search Engine Strategy

Quality Content – This is always an evergreen crucial factor to get ranking. Search engines which getting smarter and smarter through evolution, will identify and deliver the best suited contents for each keyword searches.

So, you must keep it real, for each specific keyword, create and deliver valuable content which meets search intent of visitor, to get the click.

Inbound Links – An important factor for ranking, these links show other websites and sources are linking to your site, and became a reference and authority for that keyword and niche. 

Social Media Signal – Plays an important role for search engine ranking, you should participate in social media for better ranking.

Mobile Friendliness – Google had set this as an element for ranking, do not ignore this factor.

RSS Feed – Using RSS to distribute your latest article will get notice by search engines faster, get indexed and rank sooner.

Submit Your Site

You have to submit your website to Google and Bing by signing up to Google Webmaster Tools (Google Search Console), and Bing Webmaster Tools.

After verified your site to these tools, you should also submit your website’s sitemap respectively, to let search engine spiders to visit and index your site.

Within these tools, you can study helpful information such as guidelines for quality content, traffic tracking data and others information, as references to build, and improve your webpages performance.

Search Engine Strategy - On Page Criteria

On page criteria is the overall information and conditions for your webpage, whether or not to fulfill the basics requirement for both search engines and human visitors.

Quality Content

You must remember this prior factor and always practice, to deliver valuable information to fulfill target visitors’ needs and wants, and also to score for search engine ranking.

Keyword Prominent

It’s important to create keyword focus content, with reasonable keyword density which distribute throughout your content. This is to let the search engine “understand” your web page information to measure the ranking.

Try to include the keyword in the first line of your first paragraph of the content, it's important to emphasize the keyword as front as possible.

Do not tweak purposely for search engine, meaning that do not manipulate keyword into your content, this may result in manipulative and gets penalize by search engines.

Inbound Links

You should attract and gain back-links, inbound links from niche related, and authority sites to link to your website, in natural manner and not manipulate to achieve, in other words, keep it real to appear spontaneously.

However, you can still obtain these links through “exchange” with some sites such as Web Directory Sites, and special arrangement with some niche-related sites, in proper manner.

Outbound Links

Create outbound links to tutorial and authority, preferable noncompetitive sites, as to provide more valuable information to your visitors, whenever necessary and wisely.

Never connect to link-farm, spam, or unrelated niche sites, since these links provide no value to your visitors, worst still, these may cause manipulative result on search engines.

Page Length

You should aim to create content with page length not less than 400 words, preferable 500 to 800 and more, as to deliver an engaging content for your visitors. Any way, it does depend on topic and depth you would cover, never limit your page-length, and write as long as it takes to fully cover the topic.

In most cases, long articles perform better than short articles, since you can craft your article properly, by creating compelling content without any limitation.

Ads Placement

According to Google, your main content is the priority for visitors, the ads placement should not cause any interruption. Advertisement should be “ignorable” to provide a seamlessly and comfort reading condition for your audiences.

Easy to Read

Make your content for comfort reading over the monitor screen, by providing plenty of white space to ensure scan ability and easy reading, you may carry out by using subheadings, bullets and numbered list.

Search Engine Strategy - Off Page Criteria

This is a condition which search engine measures the activities on your website, whether it’s positive or negative, such as:

The response of a visitor after click through your webpage, whether stay on to read the content, continue to browses your website, clicks your monetization links, or bounces back soon.

  • The overall time-spent on your webpages. 
  • Audiences like and share your articles.
  • Receive lots of social signals.
  • Referrer traffic from other websites and sources.
  • The clicks through rate within your website, i.e. the successful rate of diversify your visitors through monetization links, or other destination.
  • And other activities...

These off page activities and factors are becoming more important than ever, so you must measure up to fulfill these criteria, in order to acquire high ranking.

Important Action

Traffic Analysis

You can register on Google Analytics – a free traffic analysis tool, sign in frequently to check the traffic status on Google, how your website performs, which webpage receive the most traffic, which keywords are performing better, with these results and others valuable information, you can measure and improve your performance in future.

Also remember to sign in Bing Webmaster Tool, to check and analyze your website’s performance on Bing, for improvement.

Search Engine Strategy Tools

Here are some programs that help you to overcome the obstacles and get back to the right track.

SEO Elite

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The secret tool that tens of thousands of the top ranked Google sites have been quietly using for years.

Ninja SEO Mastery

This is a video course with up to date SEO Training for what's working in 2015 and beyond. It is bundled together with a very high quality Niche Marketing video course.

Search Engine Strategy is the most important factors you must consider, while creating content, when you’ve get used to the procedure and format, your result will be much better, and you’re one step closer to succeed.

For more information, you can visit Affiliate Resources, read some e-books such as SEO Starter Guide by Google.

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