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How to Start Affiliate Marketing in Simple Steps

How to start affiliate marketing? With these guidelines, you’re able to start affiliate business in just few simple steps.

So, finally you’ve decided to start up the affiliate business, you also know that this is a real business, and you’re willing to work hard to accomplish your ultimate goal - freedom, not only financially free, and also be in control of your life style to be your own boss!

How to Start Affiliate Marketing

It’s recommended and requisite to have a website, as an effective platform to run your affiliate business. In the long run, an established and successful website can transforms you into a super affiliate that earns pretty high income.

So, commit yourself to work it out, all your efforts and hard works will return in high rewards. 

Basically, there are 5 steps in process to build your affiliate business, carry out each step properly with these guidelines to get in the right direction.

  1. Choose your Niche.
  2. Extensive specific keyword research.
  3. Build your website.
  4. Evaluate and choose affiliate programs for monetization.
  5. Execute appropriate affiliates marketing strategies.

Follow these steps; you will know how to start affiliate marketing in proper procedure, and without any hesitation.

Step 1 : Choose Your Niche

Select a subject, in any field that you really passionate about; it can be your hobby, interested topic, personal experience, specific skill or knowledge which you would love to write and share about.

This is your fundamental “seed” that eventually derives your site concept keyword and the whole structure of your website.

Do not select a niche which is too board, competitive, and difficult to win for search engine ranking. Also not to select a narrow niche, which too low demand and can’t provides enough traffic to sustain.

Step 2 : Extensive Keyword Research

You need to research and reserve not less than 50 specific keywords, it’s better to save 100 to 300 keywords, according to your niche and website’s blueprint.

All specific keywords must be relevant to your site concept keyword; this will enhance your niche and create a theme focus and strong foundation for your website.

Each keyword is the main topic of content for an individual web-page when building your website.

Step 3 : Build Your Website

Your website will be the platform to run your affiliate marketing business, a center to manage all your affiliate links and other resources, most important is to monetize and establish your affiliate business.

You will need a web hosting, and domain name to build your website.

You can have your own HTML Editor, and uploading to web host’s system to build webpages.

It’s important to learn some basic web-design to create a professional look and feel for your website.

Step 4 : Evaluate and Choose Affiliate Program

When you’ve gained some traffic with stable stream of visitors, approximate 50 to 100 visitors per day, start promoting affiliate programs through your website.

Try to evaluate and choose affiliate programs which suit your niche and site concept, since these programs match and easily fit into your webpages in textual to promote.

You may also consider advertising display as an extra income source for your website, which most of the affiliate marketer do.

Step 5 : Execute Affiliate Marketing Strategies

By the time you’ve built the foundation of your website, it’s important to implement proper affiliate marketing strategies, to boost up your traffic affiliate business.

  • Content Strategy - Quality content is the basic and crucial factor to build your website, by creating quality content, you will attract traffic and establish your affiliate business.
  • E-mail marketing - You can email to your target potential customers to build up good relationship and credibility, thus will increase the conversion rate.
  • Social Media Marketing - Social media like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, and etc. are important sources of traffic.
  • Search Engine Strategies - Implement effective strategies to improve search engine ranking, and gain traffic for your website.
  • Mobile Strategy - Make your website to be mobile responsive.

Follow these steps; you will understand how to start affiliate marketing in proper manner.

This is only the beginning, when your affiliate business progress to certain level, you will need some extra efforts for traffic tracking, monitoring, evaluating, error fixing and other maintenance jobs, to make sure you’re on the right path for your affiliate business.

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