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Website Design for Affiliate Marketing Beginners

Website design is first and important task for website building, it will determine the look and feel for you site, and your goal is to develop a simple, friendly user, easy navigating, impressive and compelling website.

As a beginner, if you’re inexperience in this field, do not hesitate for the first step, with simple guidelines, you can learn and design your website easily.

Choosing Template

For the first and easy step, you may choose a pre-designed template to suit your theme, and customize for better appearance to stand out from the crowds.

  • You can choose from either 2-column or 3-column design template, which widely used at present.
  • 2-column is simple, friendly user, easy to read and scan.
  • 3-column will provide more space to utilize, but will become more complicated, and need more careful management and placement for third column. 

The Concept of Website Design

What is your strategic goal? The main function of your website is to achieve your goal. This start with your niche, what is the nature of your site, is it about Business? Informatics? Traveling? Or Professional?

Basically your overall design will focus in 2 directions.

1.  Look and Feel

Do you prefer a simple and clean design, or you’re particular to create a professional and sophisticate design? It’s your personal choice and inclination.

But do remember the purpose for building this website; you’re doing a real business, your website is the platform to communicate and interact with your target visitors.

So before customize the website appearance, you should consider forgetting about your personal taste, and considering on behalf of your target visitors, designing a theme that suit your niche and target group of visitors for better effects.

2.  Function

This is the most important factor to consider, your website’s function is to achieve your strategic goal, and thus you should design to meet this requirement.

Your priority is to design a website which easily leads and guides visitor to response in the way that you expect and want. You should focus more on this part rather than the appearance.

Guidelines for Website Design

Follow these simple guidelines, you will be able to create an ideal website to operate your affiliate business.

Keep it Simple

Simple is beauty, as a beginner, the foremost principle for web design is keep it simple.

Do not make your website as colorful as a rainbow, choose your color base wisely, and use 2 to 3 types of colors for different types of text, navigation and links.

For web page, the most suitable and recognized presentation for main content is using black text on white back ground, it’s a proven internet style. You may apply different colors for headline, subheading and navigation-bar to make them identical.

Do not apply any colorful and flashing image in your website; these will interrupt visitors reading your content.

Standardize and Consistent

Customize and style your website for the same look throughout the website, make it consistent for all the webpages, and at all times. For example, use the same font size and color for the headline, and apply to every page of your website, if you make any changes, ensure apply to every page for standardize.

In this way, your visitors will not confuse, easy to browse your website and searching information.

Clear Navigation

It's crucial to create a clear, simple and obvious navigation system for both human visitors and search engine spiders.

Your visitors can easily go deeper into tier-2 and tier-3 pages for more information, stay longer at your site, will not get confuse and lost direction.

For search engines spiders, a clear navigation will be more easily to search and index for your website.

High Ratio of Space

You should apply as much white space as it takes to create a comfortable reading zone for your visitors, it will create a “reading mood”, and drive visitors to keep on reading.

Never bundle a group of massive text together that scare your visitors away, split them into short paragraphs; add subheading and divider where applicable to create more space.

Scan ability and Easy Reading

Internet is the world of “searching”. Visitors are searching for information, products, or specific solution. Most of the visitors are doing this by “scanning” the content to “quick-search” the target subject. When found the target topic, visitors will start reading.

In order to adapt this situation, you have to design and edit your webpage to be scan ability and easy reading.

By using more subheadings, sub subheadings, shorter paragraphs, numbered lists and bullets will help to achieve the effects.

Leading and Guiding

This is the crucial mission to achieve, design your website to be effectively to leads visitor, step by step towards your strategy goal, for example, to click your affiliate link, Google ads, subscribe your e-zine, or visit a product review page.

Another crucial step is to “call to action” for your visitors to react your most wanted response; by providing links with description and ask visitors to click through, in order to reach your goal.

Mobile Responsive

This is the important and latest trend of web design.

You should also design the webpage layout to suit the requirement for multiple mobile devices, and provide a mobile friendliness condition for better search engine ranking.

Designing Course

Website Design Mastery - Professional Website Design Made Easy

This Web Design Course includes 15 course lessons on creating your first web page, Html, Graphics, Web Hosting, Ftp, Css, Javascript, design tips and tricks, reference charts, marketing and promotion and much more.

With all these guidelines and tips, I believe website design should not be a problem for you any more, start your creativity to design an ideal website to achieve your goal.

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