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What is Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing? Since 1994, when it first introduced and practiced, internet based affiliate marketing grows into a huge business, and attract more and more peoples to join this income generating model.

Despite the high competition, affiliate business still stands one of the best choices to start your internet career. 

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Internet based affiliate marketing is a type of online marketing, mostly pay by performance, which an affiliate diversifying customer to merchants’ site, making sales, and get rewards through individual internet marketing effort.

4 Parties Involve in Affiliate Marketing

  1. The Merchant, as a retailer or refer as advertiser.
  2. The Publisher, as an affiliate.
  3. The Network, as an administrator.
  4. The Customer, as a consumer.

The Characteristics of Affiliate Marketing


  • Merchant who runs internet based e-business most likely prefer this model, because the system allow recruiting as many affiliates as possible to promote the products.
  • Since this is a performance based marketing program, meaning that payment will only be made after sales completed.
  • This will also save some cost from expensive advertisement.

You can find 2 Types of Merchant

1. The merchant with own software and management system to run affiliate program which; directly sign up with affiliates, provide promotional tools, guidance, training or marketing strategies for affiliate to promote product, and finally pay commission to affiliates.

2. The merchant who join third party management system, hosted services to track traffic and sales diversified from individual affiliate. These programs are referring as affiliate networks, which affiliate will sign up and get pay from.


  • As an affiliate, you can operate your affiliate business without any product in hand, there will be no hard goods, shipping, and email or after sales service for you to handle.
  • You will have to create a proper website to start your affiliate business, other than that you’re almost risk-free!
  • You can join as many affiliate programs as you like, with no cost, absolutely free and mostly without any obligation or quota.
  • You can promote any affiliate program according to your own schedule and strategy, on your own responsibility.

The Reality and Difficulties for Affiliates

You might think internet based affiliate marketing is ideal and very easy to be succeeding, but unfortunately in actual fact there are only minorities of affiliates who earn decent income, and the rest majorities, due to high competition, and certain circumstances, are earning moderate and lower income.

Some of the affiliates are still struggling to sustain, why are these happen?

Some Main Reason to Failure

1. Weak or No Foundation

  • Without any preparation, start instantly by inspiration, and without any marketing plan.
  • Poor or without extensive keywords research.
  • Lack of basic knowledge and skills relevant.

2. Without or With Poor Website

  • If you start your campaign without any website, just through social media, forum or online ads, your chance is near zero.
  • If your website is a kind of poor, amateur standard, you still can’t attract traffic to your site.
  • Site with poor content, without niche focus, keywords focus content.

3. Low or Zero Traffic

  • This is fatal, without any traffic, you’re invisible, your internet based affiliate marketing business will not sustain.
  • Very poor and far below for search engine ranking, customers cannot reach you.
  • Remember the reality of the internet world;
  • No traffic = No income.
  • Low traffic = Low income.
  • High traffic = High potential income.

4. Very Low Conversion Rate

  • Even though you’ve grow some traffic, if you fail to execute proper strategies to diversify your visitors, the conversion rate will be far too low for you to sustain.
  • Circumstances like low quality product, hard sell, and do not understand customer’s need, will impact the conversion rate and revenue.
  • Low credibility or bad reputation.

Factors Affect Affiliate Marketing

There are many factors that affect how successful your affiliate business will be, and how far you can progress.

  • Commitment – How determine you are?
  • Time – How many hours per week you’ll dedicate to involve in this business, in long run?
  • Attitude – Are you hard working, willing to learn and update the knowledge base?
  • Mindset – Positive thinking and Persistence are the main factors to succeed.

Now you should know what is affiliate marketing, if you’ve determined to start internet based affiliate marketing, with the proper affiliate marketing guide, affiliate marketing strategies and correct mindset, definitely you can develop a successful affiliate marketing business, sooner or later.

Read more information for Affiliate Business, understand how to measure problems and difficulties, and start a successful internet based affiliate marketing campaign.

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